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Test má 5 částí, z nichž každá má 24 otázek (celkem 120). Po dokončení každé části bude test automaticky vyhodnocen. Podle výsledku vám nabídneme vhodné kurzy. Test přestaňte vyplňovat, pokud odpověď pouze odhadujete.

Hodně štěstí!

Část I

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  1. Ann is at home. Her children at school.
  2. I am a taxi driver. My sister is nurse.
  3. they from Italy?
  4. London is famous for red buses.
  5. The students are from Italy. names are Susanna and Tito.
  6. he like Chinese food?
  7. He can't .
  8. He lives in Paris with his three .
  9. parents live in London too.
  10. the 1st of January
  11. I like .
  12. the weekend
  13. He's in love with but she doesn't love him.
  14. The car is .
  15. My grandfather's son a pilot too.
  16. Where you last Saturday?
  17. Why did you to be a doctor?
  18. When the plane she turned on her mobile phone
  19. Oh. What she wearing?
  20. We can make pasta. Are there any tomatoes?
  21. We don't buy vegetables.
  22. She's a very bad student. She the exam.
  23. The Scots make whiskey in the world.
  24. This is building in the city.
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